More than 1000 monks from all around the nation take part in the annual Danshig Naadam – Khuree Tsam religious and cultural event. The Danshig Naadam is an important event that can preserve Mongolia’s unity and culture in this time of the globalization.

The first Danshig Naadam was held in 1639 to celebrate the enthronement of 5 year-old Zanabazar, son of Gombodorj, as the first Bogd Jebtsundamba Khutuktu and the spiritual leader of Mongolian people. Although a Buddhist ceremonial event, it brought sense of unity to the people of Mongolia as it gathered the seven princes Khalkha aimags together once a year. The word “danshig” translates into “firm existence”. As such, the Danshig Naadam was not only a religious event but also a political function for it brought the Mongolian leaders together.

Mongolia revived its Danshig Naadam tradition is 2015 on the occasion of the 380th birth anniversary of Undur Gegeen Zanabazar