The Mongolian Tourism Association (MTA), a non-governmental umbrella-association, was founded in 1992 on the initiative of several privately owned Mongolian tourism sector companies, whose aim is to serve its members and to further develop an interest in Mongolian tourism both within Mongolia and overseas. As the leading professional organization in the Mongolian tourism sector, the MTA has also been active in representing the professional interests of its diverse membership and has served as the main coordinator between the private sector and government organizations today.

In cooperation with government agencies, and other cultural, historical and environmental entities we continue to promote Mongolia as a truly unique travel destination. According to statistics over 80% of all leisure tourists visiting Mongolia utilize the services of one of our members

With almost 120 active members, the MTA comprises of travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and tourist camps. It also includes numerous associate members from within the hospitality, transport, tourism educational and training institutions and other tourism related organizations. Our objective is to encourage quality and professionalism amongst our membership, thus gaining trust and encouraging travelers and travel planners to direct their business via MTA members. Mongolian Tourism Association aims to represent the interests of its members both at home and on an international level.

Today, the Mongolian Tourism Association provides services and assistance to dozens of members and countless potential visitors to Mongolia.


As the leading national tourism organization, MTA represents a unified voice which advocates for issues that benefits directly to our members,  influences tourism policy, legislation and marketing for the Sustainability development of Mongolian tourism sector and improved quality of the visitor experience.


 As the Professional membership association, we promotes, develop a robust, advocates and represents the interests of our members for the benefit and sustainable development of the tourism industry.

Our General Goals and Objectives

  • Identifying Needs and Priorities of our Members
  • Lobbying and Advocating on Key Tourism Issues
  • Promoting Sustainable Development
  • Dissemination of Tourism Related Information
  • Networking
  • Offering/Facilitating Training for Members
  • Setting Standards in the Industry
  • Assisting/Facilitating the Marketing Needs of Members
  • Advising our members

MTA’s main strategic objective is to advocate on behalf of its members for the contribution of the tourism industry by influencing the outcomes of public policy and resource allocation decisions by the government, specifically for tourism.