Providing quality tourism experiences is essential if we are to maintain and grow our reputation as a desirable unique tourism destination.

The Mongolian Tourism Association aims to make a productive impact in enhancing the competitiveness of Mongolian tourism overseas and to creating a network of tourism business interest amongst our members. We work closely with the Government of Mongolia, Embassies, NGO’s, private sector, and international organizations.

Sustainability and accessibility are key issues for the future. We will constantly be making substantial progress in representing and advocating mutual interests of our members based on the strategic cooperation both overseas and locally. This progress will help you to maintain sustainability of business opportunities and new potential for our members and Mongolian tourism sector to succeed. In the following years, the MTA will constantly move on to be a creative and an innovative resource that effects business exchange and consultation.

MTA will remain a leading entity for our members and other cooperative organizations to assist with visionary business and investment decisions. MTA strives to go a step beyond tourism accreditation. It is a deliberate attempt to integrate professionalism and an expectation for excellence across all facets of the tourism experience, from the perspective of the individuals, the business, the destination, and industry networks, as well as those suppliers and agencies that influence tourism business output. I believe that with a clear strategy, the right measures and combined effort of public and private actors, tourism will flourish in the coming years.

We always welcome your suggestion and contributions to make MTA’s efforts more effective and along with my team, we will do everything possible to help you and invite you to use our services as the leadership organization. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our working groups and the team of MTA for their hard working achievement and dedication.


PRESIDENT OF MONGOLIAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION