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Winona Hwang
Winona Hwang
11 Sep 2018 04:12 AM
Would you be able help arrange a private family tour to 3 places? We are 3 adults (2 women, 1 man), 2 children (boys 12 and 14). We fly into Ulan Bator Oct 12 at 4:45pm and leave Oct 21 at 6:25am. We would like to go to 3 places:

1. Altai Mountains to see eagle hunting - need to fly into Ulgii and probably need to transfer to car and driver to homestay in a ger with horse trekking to see the Altai and see / try some eagle training.
2. Karakoram - see the old capital, here probably car and driver, not necessarily need to stay
3. Great Burkhan Kaldun, Hentii - how much of the Genghis Khan circuit can we do to see his birthplace and where he prayed before his campaigns. Be great if can be by horse trekking and staying in gers.

Would appreciate how you would suggest we allocate the days, move around and if the home-stays and/or ger lodging and horse trekking are possible? And of course estimate of pricing?

Many thx, Winona Hwang

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