Ecovoyage Mongolie LLC

Ecovoyage Mongolie LLC

Welcome to the land of the Mongolian nomads, a people whose unique way of life is in harmony with nature. Our wish: invite you to contemplate Mongolia’s fabulous landscapes, meet its nomad dwellers, discover these outstanding civilization and wonderful way of life. During your stay, enjoy the air, so pure, relax and feel refreshed in contact with the almost untouched nature,
During your stay, you are encouraged to respect mother nature, and to leave the earth, worshipped here as a sacred spirit, as pure as possible. With your help, our wish is to develop an ecologically responsible tourism. For thousands of years, the Mongols have respected and worshipped natural forces, and have considered the Earth a mother. They bend before the powerful spirits of nature, and defend their land’s sacredness with all their heart. Our company is a family-run company, which intends to perpetuate the nomadic tradition of respecting and protecting nature. This tradition, inherited from our parents, will preserve our heritage, and thereby our country’s natural and cultural identity.
Enjoy your stay in Mongolia
At the root of your project, there was the wish – and also long-lasting debates – to find a way to protect nature, preserve the environment and create long-lasting, beneficial activities. By proposing an eco-tourism, we expect to share our knowledge of this country’s current problems and potentialities with travelers, to make them more aware of the environment issues, and to make them adopt a more responsible behavior while journeying throughout the country. Hence came our company, and its name Ecovoyage.
The company regular team and the nomadic families closely collaborate in preparing the tours. Thus we are able to offer tours that go at the heart of the nomadic traditions. See for instance our travel “ XXX”.

Our team members: Chuka, Shijiree, Sophie, Solongo, Chintuya, Shagai, Batlai, and the others are glad to invite you to enjoy the beauty of Mongolia’s most breathtaking landscapes, the generous heart of nomadic life, the mysterious side of our beloved homeland.

Address:Apartment 19A - D16, entrance code 3332#, 2nd khoroo, Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Phone:+976 – 99015171 (English speaking) +976 – 95003242 (French speaking)
Opening Hours:Mon. - Fri.: 08:00 - 19:00
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