Alpha Team Tours llC

Alpha Team Tours llC

The team

Hello? It is our pleasure to (Guys from Mongolia) wish you good luck.

Our company staff are well-experienced and professional tour operators, constituting and registering a new company officially on 09 December 2005. Our team has 9 members. Our most outstanding feature is that we are playing for all types of tourism activities in Mongolia. Our business is divided into 2 general areas: Inbound and Out-Going tours. We also organize domestic tours and a series of accommodation services over the country. Since the first days, we have been expanding our business, and we prefer to cooperate with our clients closely to ensure mutual satisfaction. For customers, our motto is ‘the customer must be our king’. Even tough it is spoken that tourism industry in Mongolia just has been introduced due to different social organizational strucutre, the number of tourists coming to Mongolia is increasing year by year indicating that reason attracts tourists, and destinations and attractions are really unique in the world. A real refuge of nomadic way of life, pristine and untouched nature, and great history, all of which you are able to see only in Mongolia. Therefore, we, the staff of Alpha Team, invite you to join us.

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